Xbox One meet the Xfinity X1


On May 21 Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One to the world. Set to be the all-in-one center piece of your entertainment system it wants to be your cable box and gaming console. The Xbox One faces competetion on all fronts with the PlayStation 4 releasing around the same time and the somewhat new cable box from Comcast and its Xfinity X1 platform.

If we take a look at the names of the Xbox One and the X1 platform. The two names are quite similar as you can see both holding the X in the name with the word or number 1. The real interesting part are the rumors of what the Xbox was going to be called. One of the names highly rumored to grace the Xbox was Infinity which sounds even more similar to Xfinity. Is it really possible Microsoft wanted the new console to be so much like a cable box they literally named it after one?

xfinity x1 004

One of the biggest features of the Xbox One is to use the built in Internet Explorer to find your fantasy football stats or multitask while you are playing a game and have the game guide up at the same time. When you look at the X1 it will come loaded with apps to perform relatively the same functions. The X1 won’t be able to browse the web but it will have apps like Pandora, Facebook and an sports app which will let you find scores and stats of any game. The only problem with using the X1 only is it can’t use split screens to use your television and play your game at the same time.

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With the new Kinect 2.0 you can use voice commands to use the Xbox One in many different ways. While the original Kinect had some of these functions the X1 also has something similar.  With the X1 you can use the X1 remote app on your smartphone which you can use voice commands to turn the channel and search for tv shows. As the Kinect is mandatory to the usability of the Xbox One the X1 remote app is only an optional feature to use. Will gamers take to voice commands or will they leave gamers speechless?

Since the reveal of the new Xbox many have criticized the tv functions of the console. Is the criticism warranted given that none of the features are particularly special in its own right? How many people will hook their Xbox One up to their cable box? Will the potential of the Xbox One be realized or be lost in translation?


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