Wii U will have a difficult life

Update: One of my first posts ever with nothing corrected (This is how I typed and posted it). This is why I started Kicks For Games and it’s definitely something I always wanted to share with the world. Kicks For Games was created with the tagline Kick_in_ur_Face’s Gamer Rant and this is straight rant. I hope you enjoy these older posts I will feature on the main page.

One year ago the Wii U was announced. Nintendo’s press conference was littered with them calling it a controller and therefore came a cloud of confusion over the new console. It is in fact a new video game console. One year later Nintendo had an press conference once again confusing. Gamers know what the Wii U is all about but the causal market Nintendo once relied upon knows no difference between the Wii and Wii U. The Wii U is an attempt to bring in the so called “hardcore” gamers from rivals of Sony and Microsoft. When you look at the games that were announced, for Wii U, you will find the same casual games that populated the original Wii. Any “hardcore” games announced can merely be played on the rival companies consoles. One exclusive game that interested gamers was “ZombiU” . Recently the developer of the game said in an interview the game could surface on the rival consoles but would be heavily modified thanks to the intriguing new features of Wii U. When you could play almost all the same games on the console you already have versus the new console you are thinking of buying, that new console doesn’t seem as interesting as it once was. I have been told to have patience the Wii U has potential but I question that with logic. When will the Wii U’s potential come of age. With the rival companies so close to announcing new consoles of their own, Nintendo needed to have every potential strength of the Wii U to show right away not down the line.


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