When Every Video Game is A Rip-off

Update: One of my first posts ever with nothing corrected (This is how I typed and posted it). This is why I started Kicks For Games and it’s definitely something I always wanted to share with the world. Kicks For Games was created with the tagline Kick_in_ur_Face’s Gamer Rant and this is straight rant. I hope you enjoy these older posts I will feature on the main page.

As I was watching gameplay shown at E3 on youtube I noticed very particular comments on one video about Sleeping Dogs. Sleeping Dogs has had a somewhat odd life. First starting out as a stand alone title for developer United Front Games; the title was acquired by game publisher Activision. Activision had the plans to make the title a new game in their True Crime franchise, only later to release it. Sleeping Dogs was soon to be picked up by Square Enix. Sleeping Dogs is about an undercover cop in Hong Kong and has been in development for 4 years. It features shooting and driving/racing as it’s gameplay. One feature that stands out is the use of slow motion shooting. Slow motion shooting became very popular thanks to a game called Max Payne which in turn coined the term “bullet time”. Less than one month ago the latest installment of Max Payne released, respectfully called Max Payne 3. Sleeping Dogs is slated to release in August of this year. Four years of development and Sleeping Dogs is being called a blatant rip-off of Max Payne 3. It will be a gap of about 3 months between the release of both games and one has supposely copied the other. When you look around the gaming industry any gamer might tell you there is no innovation anymore but that same gamer might tell you they only play one type of game. So where is the line between a game with no innovation and a game that doesn’t suit your play style? Well that question belongs to the Eye of the Beholder. But what I can tell you is that innovation is about taking an idea and making it your own. Every game, no matter how special you think it is, has the same core elements of another game. What really makes that game special is how a developer has taken an idea and built upon it. Innovation has a cycle just like everything else in the world. It takes the developer to deliver the innovation but it also takes the fans to accept it. So the next time you play a game don’t look at what is similar but what makes it stand out.


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