Uncharted 4, Last of Us Sequel – Can’t I Have Both?


Hot on the heels of actor Dominic Monaghan’s (Lord of the Rings, Lost) comments regarding him looking forward to Uncharted 4 has created a gross trend.

Looking at different websites, or YouTube, you see commenters leaving their mark on the news of possibly a new Uncharted. What exactly is so gross about these comments? Many of these commenters are damning the idea of a new Uncharted game in favor of a sequel to The Last of Us.

Many will place the struggles of the gaming industry on the companies but really the truth is any society or community are reflective upon the members of the commune. If the members are outright aggressive and ignorant the community will reflect those traits. When you take this and apply it to the gaming community what do you get? Well look at the struggles of the gaming industry as it is. You can easily do a quick Google Search and find many article regarding the state of the gaming industry but what is their point to what is the cause of the problems? The companies, the business model and blah blah blah. Gamers who say they would rather have this game instead of that game are actually a much more dragging force in the community than any company. The phrase “You get what You put into it” comes to mind. When gamers are half-assed about what they want out of the gaming industry they will only get half-assed games. Think about it. In the past 2 years how many games have you played that had great ideas but were poorly constructed or even seemed incomplete. One to many I might think.

So what’s your point now that you have already belittled gamers? My point is a little change in your thinking can do wonders. Why does one game have to be damned in order for the other to survive; I ask why can’t I have both? Too many games to play is a good thing.

On a side note: The comments of Dominic Monaghan has been given way to much attention. If anyone thought another Uncharted was not in the works in any fashion is completely fooling themselves. To give this so much attention because a person more famous than you and me is crazy. People need to calm down.

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