The Last Of Us gets the Bioshock Infinite Treatment – Shut Up Already!


Here I am listening to podcasts like I always do. For the second time in my podcasts they start to talk about The Last Of Us. Okay I will keep listening because you know they won’t give away the story, Yeah Right.

There was a phenomenon back when Bioshock Infinite was released. What happened was every podcast had to talk about it. It didn’t matter how big or little the podcast was. What would happen is every podcast wouldn’t reveal the main story details but they would tip toe around the story. Thanks to multiple podcasts I feel I already know the entire story of Bioshock Infinite and I have never touched the game. I was hyped for the game. I was planning to play all Bioshock games in a row but now I lost any desire to pick it up.

What is most frustrating of all the talk about The Last of Us is that they don’t think they are doing anything wrong. Tip toeing around the main story is understandable but when you start talking about everything besides the main story then yes your doing it wrong. The only thing I have seen on The Last of Us is the few trailers released over the past year. Yes we all know Joel is escorting Elle somewhere for some reason. What is really ticking me off is the tip toeing. “Oh I can’t say why Joel is escorting Elle” yes this is reasonable but when you start describing the route they are taking and any events leading up to when or after Joel gets in possession of Elle that is to far. It’s kind of like saying “No Comment”. Saying “No Comment” is actually leaving a comment. If you want to take 5 minutes describing how you felt when you played the game or anything like that is fine. Going into any and I mean any story elements is giving away to much.

Sebastian Moss from PlayStation LifeStyle just wrote a fantastic article about websites or journalists trying to be first. I see this as the same thing. When podcasts start trying to reveal any information about a game that hasn’t been heard anywhere else is like them saying “first”. You should be ashamed of yourself for even considering talking about The Last of Us as much as you did. The biggest difference between what happened with Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us is that Bioshock was already released and then it blew up but The Last of Us won’t be out for another week. When a podcast decided to talk about Bioshock I was okay its been out for a week and people want to discuss it and I’m okay with that but talking about The Last of Us before launch is spoiling the game for everyone else. This is petty and immature. I feel like the reviewers who are talking about details on podcasts are teasing the listeners “Na Na Boo Boo I played Last of Us and you haven’t so I’m going to spoil the game for you”.

I could care less about the demo for The Last of Us because it is a game I’m going to pick up no matter what. The game is the second most hyped game of the year behind Grand Theft Auto 5. So any podcast trying to add to the hype by telling the fans about it is doing it a disservice. I want to go into the game finding everything brand new. I don’t want to go into the game and think “oh so that’s what he was talking about”. I will say it again, Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!


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