The Host (2013)


The Host

Release Date: March 29, 2013

Actors: Saoirse Ronan (Melanie, Wanderer), Max Irons (Jared), William Hurt (Jeb)

What is The Host? It is a novel written by Stephanie Meyer who is known for the Twilight series. The Host is a take on the body snatchers formula. Aliens invade Earth but not with physical bodies. They are entities called Souls. They take over human bodies that effectively erase the human persona. Once a human is taken over their eyes change to reflect they are infected. While other “body snatcher” movies are shown in the time frame of humans fighting to save the human race and planet; The Host takes place after the war with mankind on the brink of extinction.

Where our story takes place is with Melanie getting captured. Melanie tried to kill herself by jumping out a high storied window but miraculously she survived and the aliens use their healing techniques to fully restore her body. Melanie is now taken over by a Soul called Wanderer. The purpose of Wanderer is to recall the memories of Melanie to seek out the remaining humans. Wanderer may inhabit the body but she finds out Melanie will not go without a fight. Now Melanie and Wanderer have many internal conversations bantering back and forward. Melanie convinces Wanderer to leave the facility and go to her Uncle Jeb’s place. With Wanderer now escaping they now have a personal Soul Seeker looking for them.

To make it to Jeb’s place they trek through the desert and eventually collapse, due to dehydration, under a baron tree. A human party comes forth and finds the girl. They are relieved to see their party member return but as soon as she opens her eyes they know she is infected. Jeb takes pity on his niece while the other party want her gone including Melanie’s boyfriend Jared.

Here is where the story really picks up. Wanda (short for Wanderer) and Melanie butt heads when an awkward love triangle develops between the body inhabited by both souls, Jared and another boy who falls in love with Wanda the soul not the body.

The cast is really good for this movie particularly Saoirse Ronan. Saoirse Ronan makes good movies (Hanna and The Lovely Bones). She is a bright up-and-coming star. She does a great performance as Melanie with her internal monologues. Her lines never come forced. Any shortcomings of her character is strictly due to the source material and not her acting. Saoirse Ronan is the reason to watch this movie.

The plot of the movie comes down to co-existance. I have a big problem with co-existing with aliens who forced their way into another’s existance in the first place. The movie does have some dialogue that goes over this subject from the aliens perspective. In the movie it is revealed the aliens have taken over 12 planets but of course Planet Earth is the one they have the biggest problem with. How do you deal with that situation? Do you fight until the human race is no more or do you forgive everything and live with the fact that this has happened so deal with it?

The Host is a good movie. It is not a shoot’em up so don’t go in expecting guns and blood. This is a conversation piece.


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