The Day After Xbox One


It is now the day after the Xbox One was announced and with every passing day the details become clearer. As more details come out the worst the picture gets for anyone thinking of picking up an Xbox One.

With Mandatory installs and fees for used games can it really get any worse? Yes it can.

At the conference Microsoft focused heavily on the tv aspects of the device. Watching different tv channels is nice and all but it was soon revealed you need an already cable ready device which will plug into your Xbox One via HDMI cord. Also revealed is the fact that this feature will only be available in the US during the consoles launch. If the feature is coming to other regions for sure are completely up in the air, it may or may not.

The Console comes with a 500 GB Hard Drive, plenty of storage for those mandatory installs. Two different points for the hard drive. Number 1 – The hard drive is non-removable to users, you have to send it into Microsoft for any repairs. Number 2 – You can use external hard drives to add any storage you may need, including the mandatory installs.

Are you an Indie Developer? Well Microsoft won’t let you self publish but instead if you want your game on Xbox Live Marketplace you will have to go through Microsoft to get it published. With Sony strongly pushing for Indies to develop for both the PS4 and PS Vita you might find less games on Xbox One to compliment the bigger titles.

There will be no cross play between games released on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Microsoft is quoted as saying “The architecture is to different”. This is actually expected but games that are released on the PS3 and PS Vita are capable of performing this feature as long as they are programmed to do so. Terrible news to hear the two consoles connected by the same infrastructure can’t play against one another.

There is one feature to point out as a positive. While playing a single player game you will be able to stop playing, shutdown the console, restart the system and pick up exactly where you left off on your game before you stopped.

It was confirmed all Gamer Scores will transfer from your Xbox 360 to your Xbox One.

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