The “Casual” Death

When you hear the word casual you automatically think “casual gamer”. We have been trained to think this way. There are countless of other ways casual is changing tradition. People across the board are preaching the end of dedicated gaming devices due to easy to pick up and go games on Android and IOS platforms. This is actually a flawed argument. It’s not just games but an invasion of every aspect of ones life. Movies, TV shows, monster mythology all have been altered. You can argue more but these are the top of my list.

If we start with television we can see one trend, Reality TV. Every network has at least one reality TV series. They are cheap and easy to make. Even when almost all, if not all, reality TV shows are scripted they excel to top of the ratings. A lot of shows can’t survive in this era of TV anymore. The average time between premiere and being canceled is within two years. Reality TV isn’t the only problem area. There is an overwhelmingly amount of dramatic hospital series on television. Although every network has one of these series it is much more common to fail. Once the series fails they try to find another dramatic hospital series that catches on with fans. This is a process done over and over again until they find the right one.

When it comes to movies you find another cheap and easy method in “found footage” movies. Found footage movies is when an entire movie is filmed as if it was recorded by a personal camcorder. Most notable in this genre is Paranormal Activity. Horror movies seem to be the nesting ground for found footage movies. But horror movies as a genre is another problem. In the recent years horror has gone from rated R to rated pg-13. Horror is less about being scary and more about casual. People used to like being scared, now they just want cheap entertainment.

Monster mythology, oh monster mythology how you have changed. Monster mythology is all about the background of a monster. Who they are, what they are, why they exist, when did they exist, where did they exist and how to kill them. Vampires come to mind for many when it comes to this subject. To see what a Movie like Twilight (yes it’s a book too but popularized by the movies) has done to vampires is disheartening. Vampires are soulless creatures of the night who drink the blood of humans. They are to be feared not to be sex figures. Lets not forget to mention zombies. Zombies are everywhere. They are mainstream now and every one needs a piece of them. One funny thing about zombies shows or movies is the fact everyone is a head-shot master. Nothing really shows the extreme struggle to survive, the loss of life or the pain of losing someone. Sure someone dies and they cry but keep watching and its like nothing ever happened.

One thing to be said about the onslaught of casual invasion, It’s a lifestyle.


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