Platinum Achieved – Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time


It has been done, this long and terrifying game has been Platinumed. Okay it wasn’t hard and all I needed was one trophy but it did take about 6 hours out of my life.

Revisiting the universe of Ratchet and Clank is always fun. In this era of first person shooters R&C is one of the only platformers out there. This was my third time beating the game being that the second time was for the challenge mode. My first playthrough I completed everything from all the collecting trophies to upgrading all weapons. I think I played so much R&C at the time I had no desire to get the last trophy and I probably figured I could always come back for that last easy one.

Getting the Last Trophy
The one trophy that eluded me was a simple – Beat the Game on Hard. I started a brand new game. Starting the game is the easiest part of the game. No early levels will be difficult. Where I had problems was in later levels. I feel the guns are completely nerfed in the harder difficulties. The gameplay felt like the guns were inept instead of the enemies actually being harder. As I was playing the game like a speed run the guns slowed me down. Upgrading the weapons to full power did little to nothing. I was starting to get bored. All I would do is shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot etc. I ran out of ammo a lot and in certain areas that meant game over. Fighting bosses with limited ammo is annoying. It’s one thing to have a challenge in harder difficulties but this felt like it was more of adjusting gameplay sliders.

I tried to bypass all moons but in order to keep the story moving along you had to upgrade Aphelion (Ratchet’s ship). I had forgotten about these requirements. So in order to upgrade you need to catch Zoni. You can catch Zoni in story based missions but I skipped all of them. I had to play a few moons. They aren’t hard but trying to speed through the game and being forced to do optional side missions can really get to you. Doing these missions I would try to speed through them too but of course when you are in a rush you make mistakes. Many needless deaths occured during my moon sessions.

What was my hardest trophy to get?
There is one trophy that has stuck with me – My Blaster Runs Really, Really Hot: Score 10,000 points on My Blaster Runs Hot. If you have played any Ratchet & Clank game before you know there are mini games inside the main game. In “A Crack in Time” it is an arcade game based off Qwark’s movie “My Blaster Runs Hot”. I remember how stupid the game got as you tried to rack up a bigger and bigger score. You had bombs, civilians and evil robots. Every time I restarted a new game I would slowly get closer to 10,000. It took a perfect run to complete it. The amount of time it took to memorize how to complete every level with the highest score possible and to string it together in that one perfect run was exhausting. When I finally got the trophy I did feel like I accomplished something.

With Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time now being done I start my long grind fest with Nier. Look for the Nier Game Profile in the near future.


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