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Goin’ For The Plat!!! is a new feature on Kicks For Games where I try to get the Platinum trophies for various games. This week I have been working hard to get the Platinum for ICO. Before the feature was posted I kind of cheated and started on all the trophies. When Goin’ For The Plat!!! was finally posted I only had one trophy left to get that beautiful Platinum; Castle Guide – Beat the game within 2 Hours.

Let’s start where I cheated before the posting. My second playthrough of the game came with me completing two important trophies, Express Journey – Beat the game within 4 hours and Unscathed Escape – Clear the game without viewing a game over screen. As I have said before these are relatively easy trophies to achieve. For “Unscathed Escape” all you have to do is restart any save points when you die. Beating the game within 4 hours was easy. Most of the playthrough was me remembering where to go as I haven’t played the game for a few months. My time for  this playthrough was roughly 2 hours 40 minutes. I finished the game with plenty of time to spare. I was fairly confident cutting out the fat to get to 2 hours was going to be easy. I was wrong.


Trying for “Castle Guide – Beat the game within 2 hours”

I start the game with no problems. Getting through the early levels relatively quickly. Bypassing all unneccessary fights I can and trying to streamline puzzles to the best of my abilities. I’m feeling good. I get to the last save point and save. From here the player must play the ending with all cutscenes (as you cannot skip them) and without dying. This last part takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes depending how fast you are on certain parts. After you kill the Queen the clock continues through the cutscenes and credits. Last playable scene appears and you run as fast as you can to find Yorda laying on the beach. The clock stops when you see “End”. At this point I’m yelling at the tv for the final trophy to pop but nothing. You can save the after the completion of the game for new game+. The save file reads 2 hours 2 minutes 19 seconds. I’m angry I couldn’t believe I was so close but so far at the same time. I don’t believe with the current save files I could trim 2 minutes off my time. I saved over earlier save points. So I start over once again.

I have played this game to much already. Playing a game precisely for an extended amount of time will frustrate you. I’m going for my third playthrough now. I get to the first two save points with ease. From here on out I will get frustrated beyond belief. I have found a couple tricks off the net to trim some time. Early on there is an kind of important work around for one of the levels. I perform the trick beautifully. Next thing I know the power cuts out. Everything I have just done is gone. Restart from the last save point. Further along in the game Yorda is making me mad. Making Yorda do what you want is infuriating. There are mandatory parts you need leave Yorda alone either for story purposes or to cut some time. Leaving Yorda in a certain room would prove difficult as you would come back for her and what would I find? Yorda is climbing a ladder for no reason. I’m at the bottom of the ladder and she is at the top, WTF? I’m yelling at Yorda to get down here. Other times I would be running with Yorda in hand and what happens next? Ico and Yorda break hands for no reason, usually leaving Yorda to be grabbed my the shadow people.  This happened multiple times. Every time they break hands for no reason I was ready to throw my controller through my TV screen. Also while leaving Yorda in other rooms you know when you will have shadow people waiting to attack as you go back for her. My first playthroughs I easily bypassed these fights but on my third playthrough what happens? I would re-enter the room with Yorda and she is already being grabbed by the shadow people. What? Why? They aren’t suppose to appear until I walk into the room. I just can’t believe the troubles I am having. I hit the last save point with a respectable 1 hour 25 minutes. 35 minutes left to complete the game. From here I had a couple deaths with either wrong button presses or a bad jump, whatever these happen. My final continue I finally hit every jump perfectly I hit every point A to point B with no wasted time. The thing that will get you to waste time the most is when you are defeating the shadow people around Yorda when she is a statue. These shadow people are slippery and make you really work to kill each and every one of them. The queen is a piece of cake as I have already defeated her plenty of times. Watch all the cutscenes again and now to the beach. On the beach I take the most direct path from the boat to Yorda never touching the water like I have done previously. I see the “End” screen I’m yelling again for the trophy to pop and finally the trophy chime. I am so relieved. My final time is 1:55:39. Four minutes to spare.


I love this game. The music the story I couldn’t of asked for a better game to play. Now I’m off to my next adventure.


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