Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones – Movie Review


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
Release Date: January 3, 2014
Actors: Andrew Jacobs (Jesse), Jorge Diaz (Hector), Gabrielle Walsh (Marisol)

When it comes to the Paranormal Activity franchise I am of the opinion the franchise has declined with the release of every movie. The ever changing story makes the franchise confusing while nothing ever adds up. With that said I can say I liked Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.

The word of this review is disconnect.

The Marked Ones takes place in a Latino neighborhood located close to Los Angeles. A much poorer neighborhood than the other movies which take place in upper middle-class communities. As compared to the earlier movies The Marked Ones features an almost all Latino cast.

After watching a movie, especially one I like, I like to check other reviews of the movie to see how others responded to the movie. To my displeasure I notice “professional” critics state questions surrounding the locale of the movie. “Going after the Latino Market?” or a variation of that statement was found on multiple review sites. Here is the thing about movies in general. Movie makers want you to feel connected to the characters for when a hard felt scene is shown you feel sad or angry or some other feeling they are trying to convey to you. So having a person of different descent compared to that of the target audience you will have disconnect. That is why the old horror movie joke is the black guy always dies first. That is because they always did, why? Because the general audience could not connect with that person who spoke or acted different than them, so killing them off first was an easy way to have an early death in movies but not have the audience too concerned with their death and still have them focus on the main character. So what does this all mean? Movie critics are much more harsh on a movie where they find themselves disconnected.


The story is very similar to that of another movie, Devil’s Due, but with slight differences. In The Marked Ones children are marked from birth to become a servant of the demonic entity from the other movies in the franchise. You follow Jesse and his goofy friend Hector. Jesse is a typical main character well his friend Hector is comic relief. Hector is also a character where the audience becomes disconnected yet again. Unless you have actually known someone in real life who acts like Hector well then you won’t be able to connect with him. Fortunately I have met similar people and had no problems. The story picks up after the creepy downstairs neighbor is killed by a friend of the crew. In disbelief that their friend would do something so heinous they choose to look around the now empty apartment for clues and discover a book that tells the crew of Time Travel through a satanic ritual which needs to be performed inside a church. Of course they perform said ritual and main character Jesse is invoked with supernatural abilities. Jesse’s new abilities are fun and games until the time when Jesse stops acting like Jesse and starts to become dangerous to all others. To make this movie relevant to the other Paranormal Activity movies you will see familiar places and even characters along with a twist at the end of the movie that you won’t see coming (for better or worse).

My general consensus is I like this movie. The acting is good not great and the special effects in parts are quite good. As I did say it involved time travel which will easily be blown off by critics and naysayers it helps expand an already screwed up story-line. Where do they go from here? To continue degrading the story of course. Nothing is off limits from here on out.

I do have to say one thing about this movie. This movie is a good movie but being named Paranormal Activity it is criticized to how it fits in the franchise’s universe (not very well). It is unfairly downgraded thanks to the moniker Paranormal Activity which holds this movie back from being a much more appreciated movie. The Marked Ones should of been a stand alone movie that had nothing to do with the yearly release of the series.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Movie Trailer Below


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