Kick’s Picks the Week – NFL Week 4 2013 – Week of the Underdogs


This is the week where many of the games will be won by the underdogs. Watch out as the favorites to win will be upset. I picked Jacksonville and Pittsburgh to get their first wins while other teams like the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings will fall deeper into their hole of misery.

After a strong three week performance the, much talked about, Denver Broncos will come out a winner once again. The Bronco defense will force Michael Vick to throw the ball more often and more accurate than previous games. Don’t be surprised at another blowout game.

I expect both Chicago and Detroit to win their home games in their division games against one another.

Week 1: 9 – 7
Week 2: 12 – 4
Week 3: 8 – 8

Total: 29 – 19

Thursday Night Game
San Francisco (X)  vs  St. Louis

Sunday Games
Baltimore  vs  Buffalo (X)
Cincinnati (X) vs  Cleveland
Chicago  vs  Detroit (X)
NY Giants  vs  Kansas City (X)
Pittsburgh (X)  vs  Minnesota
Arizona  vs  Tampa Bay (X)
Indianapolis  vs  Jacksonville (X)
Seattle (X)  vs  Houston
NY Jets (X)  vs  Tennessee
Philadelphia  vs  Denver (X)
Dallas (X)  vs  San Diego
Washington  vs  Oakland (X)

Monday Night Game
Miami (X)  vs  New Orleans

Tie-Breaker – Pick The Score
New England [17] vs  Atlanta [24] (X)

Bye Week
Green Bay


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