Kick’s Picks of the Week – NFL Week 3 2013 – Rise of the No-Names


Week 2 was a terrible week for fantasy owners with all the big name stars being held to little to no touchdowns. Week 2 had plenty of role players taking charge and leading their teams to victory.

In Week 3 I have San Diego going 3 – 0 while the high and mighty San Francisco losing and falling to 1 – 2. Look for this week to set the standard of who is a good team and who doesn’t make the cut.

Week 1: 9 – 7
Week 2: 12 – 4

Thursday Night Game
Kansas City  vs  Philadelphia (X)

Sunday Games
Green Bay (X)  vs  Cincinnati
St. Louis  vs  Dallas (X)
San Diego (X)  vs  Tennessee
Cleveland  vs  Minnesota (X)
Tampa Bay  vs  New England (X)
Arizona  vs  New Orleans (X)
Detroit  vs  Washington (X)
NY Giants (X)  vs  Carolina
Houston (X)  vs  Baltimore
Atlanta  vs  Miami (X)
Buffalo (X)  vs  NY Jets
Indianapolis (X)  vs  San Francisco
Jacksonville  vs  Seattle (X)

Monday Night
Oakland  vs  Denver (X)

Tie-Breaker Pick The Score
Chicago [28] (X)  vs  Pittsburgh [10]


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