Goin’ For The Plat!!! – Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time and Nier


Welcome to the brand new feature on Kicks For Games. Here on Goin’ For The Plat!!! I will attempt to increase my amount of Platinum Trophies. I will try to describe the anger, joy and frustration while I push toward the final goal of every game. Maybe some trophy hunting tips might come into play also. For now all games will be single player centric. Multiplayer platinums are an entirely different beast but are not out of the question. Look for Game Profiles of the titles during every week to get a recap of the games. Enjoy.

PSN ID: Kick_in_ur_Face
Trophy Score: Level 15 24%
Platinums: 8
Gold: 90
Silver: 321
Bronze: 1531
Total: 1949

Games with Platinums
Uncharted Drake’s Fortune
God of War 3
Resistance Burning Skies
Sly Cooper 1
Sly Cooper 2
Sly Cooper 3
Dead Nation

Last Week I set off to play both ICO and Soul Sacrifice. I achieved the Platinum for ICO and described the anger and frustration I had, so if you didn’t read the posts here they are again (Platinum Achieved – ICO and Game Profile – ICO). While I did achieve one platinum I hardly played the other one. I have already played about 75 hours into Soul Sacrifice. I’m not burnt out on the game but I do want to play other games in the meanwhile. For now Soul Sacrifice is more of a Long Term Goal to be completed in the next few months.

This week I will be playing two PS3 games. First Game I will be playing is Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time. Second game is the highly underrated Nier. So let’s jump into the games themselves.


Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time

As my girlfriend is on vacation I won’t have too much time to grind for platinums this week so I needed something easy. All I need to get the Platinum is one measely little trophy and for that trophy all I have to do is beat the game on hard. If you know how to breathe this trophy is in your wheelhouse.
The Lombax Triumphant – Platinum – Collect all trophies in the game.
Q-Force Champion – Complete the game on Hard.

My Blaster Runs Really, Really Hot – Score 10,000 points on My Blaster Runs Hot.
Q-Force Cadet – Complete the game on Casual
Bronze Champion – Win the Bronze Tournament.
Silver Champion – Win the Silver Tournament.
Gold Champion – Win the Gold Tournament.
Raritanium Champion – Win the Raritanium Tournament.
Fastoon Warrior – Upgrade one weapon to level 5.
For a Rainy Day – Collect 10,000 bolts.
Greed is Good – Collect 50,000 bolts.
Q-Force Hero -Complete the game on Medium.
Zoni Collector – Rescue all Zoni.
Bolt Collector – Collect all gold bolts.
The Gunsmith – Collect all Constructo modifications.
The Samaritan – Complete all space missions.
Retirement Fund – Collect 250,000 bolts.
Preferred Customer – Purchase all GrummelNet Weapons.
Thrifty – Collect 1,000,000 bolts.
Glutton for Punishment – Complete a Challenge Mode playthrough.
Insomniac – Visit the Insomniac Museum.
Terraklon Assassin – Vanquish Lord Vorselon.
It Belongs in a Museum – Retrieve Chief Zahn’s Zoni Vessel.
Rude Awakening – Complete Great Clock, Sector One.
Junior Caretaker – Defeat the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler.
Senior Caretaker – Repair temporal damage caused by Dr. Nefarious.
The General’s Pupil – Master the hoverboots.
Savior of Axiom City – Destroy the VX-99.
Apogee Explorer – Find the Obsidian Eye.
Time Keeper – Unlock the Orvus Chamber.
Leave no Lombax Behind – Save General Azimuth from Lord Vorselon’s clutches.
Paradox Hero – Confront Dr. Nefarious in the past.
Just Like Old Times – Reunite with Clank.
Party Crasher – Destroy Dr. Nefarious’ armada.
Somebody Call For Backup? – Stop the Agorians from destroying Gimlick Valley.
88 MPH – Defeat General Azimuth and save the universe.
Revenge of the Squishy – Defeat Dr. Nefarious.



Nier is highly underrrated. The game has a cult following of sorts. The music is fantastic. I felt like I was playing an anime. One thing I noticed quick while starting the game, it has voice actors from Dragonball Z. Look for them on the future game profile. I do have an idea following Nier but for now let’s keep that a surprise until it comes into full circle.

The Final Verse – Unlock all other trophies.
Village Handyman –Complete 10 quests.
Jack of All Trades – Complete 20 quests.
Go-To Guy – Complete 30 quests
Man of Means – Accumulate 1,000,000 pieces of gold.
Legendary Gardener – You successfully cultivated the legendary flower.
Fish of Legend – You caught a rhizodont.
A Round by the Pond – You caught one of every type of fish.
Upgrade Apprentice – You upgraded 5 weapons to their maximum level.
Reform Specialist – You upgraded 15 weapons to their maximum level.
Forging Master – You upgraded 30 weapons to their maximum level.
All Aboared! – You rode a boar for at least five minutes.
The Sheep Whisperer – You killed 100 sheep.
Lightspeed Fighter – You completed the game within fifteen hours.

Combo Fanatic – Pull off a 50-hit combo.
The Magic Man – Learn every type of magic.
Wordsmith –Collect 50 percent of all words.
Educated Warrior – Read the final novel segment.
Combo Master – Pull off a 100-hit combo.
Weapons Collector –Find every weapon.
King of the Lost Shrine – Defeat Gretel within two and a half minutes.
A True Friend – Defeat a berserking shade within one minute.
Boss of the Junk Heap – Defeat P-33 within four and a half minutes.
Scourge of the Aerie – Defeat Wendy within eight and a half minutes.
Protector of Facade – Defeat Roc within three and a half minutes.
Permission Granted – Defeat the betrayers within two and a half minutes.
A Dirge for the Hero – Defeat Goose within two minutes.
Soul Crusher – Defeat the betrayers within three and a half minutes.
Book Burner – Destroy the world-saving tome within one and a half minutes.
The Once and Final King – Defeat the Shade inside you within three and a half minutes.
The Strongest Bond – Defeat someone you care for within three and half minutes.
The Book of Legend – Grimoire Weiss joined your party.
The Wild Companion – Kainé joined your party.
The Mellow Companion – Emil joined your party.
Release – You freed Kainé from her petrification.
Key Collector – You unlocked the key to the Shadowlord’s castle.
A World in Flux – You defeated the Shadowlord.
Call Her Back – You viewed the first ending (Ending A).
Lingering Memories – You viewed the second ending (Ending B).
Thank You – You viewed the third ending (Ending C).
Something Very Special – You viewed the fourth ending (Ending D).
Material Hunter – You collected 50 types of raw materials.


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