Gamer Zone – Weekend Edition


Here at the newly renamed Gamer Zone I present to you what games I am playing over the weekend.


Men’s Room Mayhem

This game was released this week on the PSN for an affordable price. If you have PlayStation Plus you can pick this game up for $1. I think I might put up a review of this game.

Men’s Room Mayhem is a flight control copy. You know the games where you draw lines to guide planes in to land without touching each other. Telling from the title you should be able to guess this game takes place inside the mens room. Either the patrons have to pee or (you know) poop. You guide the proper patron to either a urinal or a toilet. If they touch they will get into a fight. Using proper mens room unwritten rules will get you a higher score. Unwritten rules are the rules every mens room has, such as, leave a urinal between “neighbors”. Does it sound fun to you? Well either way it doesn’t matter its cheap and it supports developers putting games on the Vita so buy it.



Gravity Rush

Quick short story to how I came about this game. I went to Target for a Buy 2 Get 1 free sale. Gravity Rush was my free game. I never opened the game and soon it released for PlayStation Plus. So I sold my unopened copy and downloaded the PS+ version. For a long time this has been in the backlog of games but now I am playing it with much pleasure. I will probably feature Gravity Rush in a future Goin’ For The Plat!!!


I will be playing multiple PS3 titles but none I will commit to on Gamer Zone. Whatever my mood is for the day will decide what I will be playing.

What about you? What are you playing or not playing? Leave any comments in the section below


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