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As one of my games I choose to feature in the latest Goin’ For The Plat!!! Here a small recap of the game along with a short story of how I came about the franchise.

Set after the events of Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty. Ratchet still seeks the lost Clank. Accompanied by Captain Qwark they run across time distortions on a planet. Unknown to Ratchet he is along the path to find his friend, Clank.

Clank is taken by the Zoni (closely named to Sony) and taken to the Great Clock placed exactly in the middle of the universe, give or take 50 feet. Capable of restructuring time across the universe.

Dr. Nefarious is up to no good. For an entire year he has tried to remove the Orvus Chamber information he wants from Clank’s brain. Once Dr. Nefarious removes all Zoni from the Great Clock he lets an un-conscience Clank go free. His plan is to let Clank lead him to the Orvus Chamber.


Clank befriends the Junior Caretaker, Sigmund. Sigmund teaches Clank all about his origins. Clank is constructed to take over the Senior Caretaker position from his Father/Maker Orvus. Clank receives the Chronosceptor that once hit against a broken object will repair it. With the Chronosceptor Clank can repair time rifts affecting planets in the universe.

Ratchet has always thought he was the only Lombax left in the universe but along his adventure he meets General Azimuth. General Azimuth is an old friend of Ratchet’s father. General Azimuth is the sole reason for the disappearance of the Lombaxes. His sole mission in life is to search for the Great Clock to bring back the Lombaxes.

While the game features many of the familiar traits of the first 2 games it adds a new feature in the form of Hoverboots. With the Hoverboots you can glide across distances between platforms or race across the ground. Much of the gameplay will use the Hoverboots to finish puzzles. Clank also gets to use timepads to solve puzzles. With the timepads Clank can make multiple digital copies of himself to help solve the puzzles he is presented with. Timebombs will let Clank (and Ratchet later in the game) to throw a bomb into the field which explodes and everything inside the blast sphere will slowdown for a limited time.


I was originally introduced to Ratchet & Clank through my Girlfriends brother. I fell in love with the series ever since I first set my hands on the PS2 games. I came into the series long after the PS2 games were out. The very first game was the hardest. Not yet going through the evolution process it only let your health get up to like 5 max or something like that. When I got my PSP it came with Ratchet and Clank Size Matters. As I still enjoyed the game you could tell it was made by a different studio, High Impact Games. Now that I mention the game I want to replay it. The other PSP title Secret Agent Clank I managed to find at a pawn shop for real cheap and I was happy about that one. Secret Agent Clank was also developed by High Impact Games and it was fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone. The best part about the two PSP games is they were made into PS2 games (which I never played). The Future Trilogy is really fun. Many people complain the Future Trilogy is to off course from the original games but I love them all the same. The newest title Full Frontal Assault is still in plastic on my backlog. I was waiting for the PSVita version to be released to play it for I could play other games in the backlog. I have yet to download the PSVita version but coming back to get the Platinum Trophy for “A Crack in Time” has really made me want to start Full Frontal Assault. I look forward to watching the Ratchet and Clank movie set to come out in 2015. Judging from the teaser trailer the look and feel will definitely feel like the games I have come to love.


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