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niercutoutNier is featured in Goin’ For The Plat!!!

Doing my research of this game I had no idea it was a sequel to an alternate ending in Drakengard. Ending (E) depicts the heroes of the game defeating the villian who decomposes and with those particles create the incurable disease that has ravaged the world. I love this game for its own features but now that I know it’s based off another game ending is really making me think. Amazing!

Here is a recap of the story:

The story opens up in the year 2049 in middle of a crumbling city. The world has been enveloped by a new disease with no cure. Nier is held up with his sick daughter, Yonah, in a broken down grocery store. They are soon attacked by shades which Nier defeats. Nier returns to Yonah and their last piece of food, a cookie. The story fades to a very distant future. Across the lands you can see the remnants of long forgotten structures, mainly bridges. Yonah is sick with the black scrawl and her father Nier takes any jobs thrown his way to care for her. Nier goes on a quest and runs across shades. Shades have never appeared this close to the village before.


During a bedtime story Nier tells Yonah the ultra rare flower, Lunar Tears, can cure her disease. Yonah sneaks out of the village to the Lost Shrine where Lunar Tears are said to grow. Nier races to the lost shrine and finds Yonah protected by a mysterious magic force field. The force field is connected between two huge statues whose staffs are joined in the middle in a circle. With small shades attacking, Nier defends and starts to hack away at the force field. In the middle of both staffs of the statues falls out a magic talking book, Grimoire Weiss. Weiss is missing his memory but still retains small amounts of magic. The two statues come alive. Hansel and Gretel now fight Nier. With the help of Grimoire Weiss Nier destroys Gretel. Hansel has its arm destroyed and magic extinguished for the time being. Nier saves Yonah.

During a quest Nier is sent to The Aerie. After completing his quest inside The Aerie, Nier returns to the entrance and finds a hut. The hut belongs to Kaine, a female banished from The Aerie for being a Hermaphrodite and half shade. Here Nier and Kaine encounter a giant shade called Hook. The shade Hook killed Kaine’s grandmother and for this Kaine hunts the monster. The monster retreats after battle. Nier leaves and Kaine stays to her hut.


With Grimoire Weiss at his side Nier is set to find the Sealed Verses found within the biggest of shades in the world. His travels will take him back to The Aerie, Forest of Myth, The Junk Heap, Facade and even his own village.

Yonah requests the help of her dad to help her pen pal. Nier accepts the request and heads to the Manor along the eastern road. Here Nier finds Emil and his butler Sebastian. Emil is covered by a blindfold to protect everyone from his power of petrification. Nier and Grimoire weiss defeat another non-talking magical book and save Emil.

After finding all the Sealed Verses Nier returns to his village. Upon undertaking a task Nier finds Emil stumbling through the south gate. Emil states the shades are coming. Nier’s village is under attack from shades. Holding off the smaller shades another giant shade emerges. This giant shade pushes toward the library of the village. Nothing is working to stop the shade. One final attack from Nier with Weiss’ magic takes the monster down. The head of the shade seperates from its body and enters the library. Nier and Kaine force the monster into the basement and now Kaine holds the door shut. A new villian enters the story. The Shadowlord with another magical book, Grimoire Noir, takes control of Grimoire Weiss and has him attack Nier. Nier knocks Weiss to his senses but now the Shadowlord leaves with Yonah in hand. Nier is hurt and Kaine still holds the door. Kaine tells Emil to petrify her to seal the monster away in the basement.

5 years have pass since the Shadowlord has taken Yonah and the world has become full of armored shades. Nier now wears an eye patch over his injured right eye.

Nier receives a word that Emil wants to see him. Meeting up with Emil he reveals he found a secret passage to an underground facility. It is a secret weapons facility with Emil and his sister Halua both experiments. Halua is experiment No. 6. She has been created to be the ultimate weapon. She is released to fight with Nier and Emil. Emil takes the power from his sister to become the new ultimate weapon. In doing so Emil is transformed into a floating skeleton wielding a magical staff. With this power Emil releases Kaine from her stone purgatory. The shade is once again loose in the library but Nier is much stronger than before. The shade is finally put to rest and Kaine is now free.


Nier’s new quest is now to assemble pieces of a key to finally find his daughter and the Shadowlord. While visiting The Aerie to find a piece of the key, the group encounters a giant shade. In the final moments of battle Emil loses control of his power and destroys the monster along with the entire village. The group obtains the final pieces of the key with little trouble. They head to the Lost Shrine. Where Yonah once laid is the entrance to the Shadowlord’s castle.

A recreation of the once proud city of the past is the backdrop of his castle. Before facing the Shadowlord himself the group run across the twins, Devola and Popola. Nier is puzzled. Why have these twins he known his entire life now standing in front of him? The twins are androids tasked to overlook the final attempt of humanity to survive. Humans in 2049 were on the brink of extinction due to the disease. Using Grimoire Weiss and Grimoire Noir humans seperated body and soul. Humans created clones that were resistant to the disease and once the diseased body died out they were suppose to transfer the soul to the clone. What happened was the clones took on their own personas and the souls became shades who resented the clones.

Now with the truth out the twins attack the group in order to stop them. Emil sacrifices himself to defent the twins. Nier now fights the Shadowlord.

Ending (A)

The Shadowlord is defeated. Grimoire Weiss has disappeared and is no more. Nier and Yonah are together once again. The Shadowlord and his Yonah are joined again in the afterlife.

Ending (B)

The Shadowlord is defeated. The Shadowlord is showcased weeping and his daughter from the past approaches him and shares their last cookie with him. Emil has survived and is only a head. He is seen landing in the desert

Ending (C)

After the Shadowlord, Kaine is taken over by Tyrann and presents a choice to Nier on how to save her. Either Kill her or exchange his existance for her survival. Ending (C) has Nier choosing to kill Kaine.

Ending (D)

After the Shadowlord, Kaine is taken over by Tyrann and presents a choice to Nier on how to save her. Either Kill her or exchange his existance for her survival. Ending (D) has Nier choosing to exchange his existance to save Kaine. Every memory is erased from the characters and all save data is erased from the player’s hard drive.


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