Early Preview – PSN Update August 20, 2013


As last week’s highlights involved tons of money this week it’s a little more spaced out. The biggest standout of the crowd has got to be The Bureau XCOM Declassified with the silly and wacky game of Divekick being the next biggest. There is something for everyone in this update. All titles are subject to change.


Divekick (Digital: PS3, Vita)(cross-buy, cross-play) Saints Row 4 (Retail, PS3 digital)
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist (Retail, PS3 Digital)
The Bureau XCOM Declassified (Retail, PS3 Digital)
Dragon’s Lair Trilogy (PS3 Digital)
Ms. Germinator (Digital: PS3, Vita)
Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers (PS3 Digital)

PS2 Classics

Naval Ops Commander
Kessen 3

PS3 Demos

Rayman Legends
NHL 14

PS Mobile

Magic Planet Snack Deluxe

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