Dredd 3D


Dredd 3D
Release Date: September 21, 2012
Actors: Karl Urban (Dredd), Olivia Thirlby (Anderson), Lena Headey (Ma-Ma)

Not to be confused with the original Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone Dredd 3D is a reboot of the franchise. Karl Urban stars in Dredd 3D. Unlike the first installment Dredd never takes off his helmet to show his face. There is a brief scene in the beginning that shows Dredd suiting up but his face is in the shadows.

Dredd 3D is slightly in the future from now. It opens up with Karl Urban narrating. The lands have been irradiated and the now 800 million people live in Mega Cities. This is where our story takes place, Mega City One. A chase scene pursues with Dredd taking out three males in the runaway vehicle. After the chase Dredd is asked to head back to the Hall of Justice.

At the Hall of Justice we meet the new rookie female, Judge Andersen. The council woman tells Dredd like all orphans they are submitted to the Judge applitude test. Andersen is revealed to have failed all tests but the powers-that-be have decided to look the other way. Andersen grew up close to walls bordering the irradiated lands. Both her parents have been lost to radiation poisoning. Andersen is however a mutant with strong psychic abilities, which the powers-that-be hope can be used as an asset to the Judges. Dredd is asked to take the rookie out on her first day to evaluate her performance and determine if she is worthy to become a full fledge Judge. Dredd gives Andersen all responsibility to lead the way on her first day. She picks the case that takes them to the events of Peach Trees.

Peach Trees shows us our villianess, Ma-Ma. The leader of the Ma-Ma Clan who distribute the new drug Slo-Mo. This new drug makes the brain think time is passing at 1% of normal time. I did not watch this movie in 3D but the scenes where they take Slo-Mo should really pop and be excellent in the third dimension.

Now the action takes hold of the movie. Ma-Ma shuts down the building and demands the building will not reopen until the two Judges are dead. Here the Judges and the Ma-Ma Clan clash. The Ma-Ma clan shows how vicious they are willing to go to protect Ma-Ma and for the sake of being released from the building. Many innocent victims are killed in the pursuit of the Judges.

This movie is violent, gruesome and obviously has strong drug references. Not intended for children and it should be treated as such. Many will compare this to the movie, The Raid, which I have yet to watch but will soon, so anyone who has seen it will know what to expect going into Dredd 3D. One of the better movies I have seen lately I recommend this to anyone. If you can pick 3D over non-3D I say go for it. Looking forward to a sequel if they choose to make one.


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