Game Profile – Nier

Nier is featured in Goin’ For The Plat!!! Doing my research of this game I had no idea it was a sequel to an alternate ending in Drakengard. Ending (E) depicts the heroes of the game defeating the villian who decomposes and with those particles create the incurable disease that has ravaged the world. IRead More

PSN Update June 4 – 10

PS3 Full Game Remember Me ($59.99) PSN Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon ($19.99) PS Vita Limbo ($14.99) Toro’s Friend Network (Free) Quell Memento ($4.99) Paint Park Plus (Free) Added to PS Vita Store Class of Heroes 2 ($24.99) PSP Class of Heroes 2 ($24.99) PS2 Classics Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano ($9.99) Ultimate Board Game CollectionRead More

PSN Update Preview – June 4 – 10

With every week comes a new PlayStation Network Update. The PlayStation Blogcast has released a preview for the upcoming update on June 4th. PSN Remember Me (Retail and PSN) Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon (PSN) Limbo (Vita) Quell Momento (Vita) Class of Heroes 2 (Vita, PSP) Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano (PS2 Classic) Ultimate Board Game Collection (PS2 Classic) PSVita apps Paint Park Plus Toro’s Friend Network Music The Last of Us Soundtrack PSM Cardboard Castle