About Kicks For Games

Kicks For Games was first created with the tagline “Kick_in_ur_Face’s Gamer Rant”. While this has long since been retired the meaning carries on. Alexander Rubio (Kick_in_ur_Face) has always told his opinion about the gaming industry whether it be publishers, developers, gaming journalists or even the gamers themselves. Kicks For Games will always be about being rational to the irrational. While the site was mainly about Video Games; it soon adopted Alexander Rubio’s other passion, Movies. The movie review section is not generally about the review but the discussion of the movie. The sports section is an expanding section. Sports has mainly consisted of Alexander Rubio posting his weekly football picks. The sports section will slowly deliver new content over time or very fast depending on near-future plans.

If you would like to contact Kicks For Games for any reason you can email Alexander Rubio at AlexanderRubio@kicksforgames.com.

The main purpose of Kicks For Games is to support Alexander Rubio’s writing skills and help develop them for when he writes his eventual first book. “To keep the rust off the chains”